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Baseball Divisions at RCLL

Reno Continental Little League is divided up into 4 different divisions based on your player's age and skill level. Even though each one is increasingly more competitive, they are all focused on teaching our kids sportsmanship, teamwork and the love of the game.

Typical Age Group: 4-6*
Rookie is our entry level baseball division that is for our youngest players. It is designed to teach the kids the basics of the game and let them all have fun. Pitching is soft toss by the coaches and if the player has trouble getting a hit, we bring in a tee. Everyone in the lineup bats in each inning. There are no outs and we don't keep score.

Typical Age Group: 7-8*
Farm is the next step up after Rookie. The game starts to resemble more like official baseball in that the innings are 3 outs each and score is kept. The pitching is done by a machine. This helps the kids learn to hit as the machine provides a constant speed and consistent ball placement. The game is played with 10 players in the field (4 outfielders) and everyone in the lineup gets to bat.

Typical Age Group: 9-10*
Minors is the first level where the players themselves start pitching. This adds a whole new dimension to the game as hitting off live pitching is far more difficult and unpredictable. The field is still played with 10 players and every player on the team bats. Players in this division are eligible to make the All-Star team at the end of the season that competes in our District and State tournaments.

Typical Age Group: 11-12*
Majors is the top division of Little League reserved for our oldest and highest skilled players. The game rules closely resemble real professional baseball as the teams play 9 in the field and only bat 9 as well. This is a highly competitive level of play. Players in this division are eligible to make the All-Star team at the end of the season that competes in our District and State tournaments, and even has the chance to go all the way to Pennsylvania for the Little League World Series.

* These age groups are the typical age ranges, but it is also based on skill. Players are placed based on their performance in the skills assessment, not necessarily where the parents choose.


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